03 June 2008

Kingdom Hearts: Ven

kingdom hearts cosplay - venI found another wonderful cosplay from Cosplay.com. Several people seem to like Kingdom Hearts a lot and there are a lot of great cosplays of the characters from the game.

This is apparently Saeru who’s cosplaying. The photographer, Elemental, was the one who shared it. Absolutely breath-taking, don’t you think?

1 comment:

  1. I always find it incredibly frustrating when games of a popular series gets released on different platforms, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep being on of them.

    The only way I'll ever get to experience it is through indirect means like Youtube. After watching several clips (the endings mostly) I'm happy with how this game ties all the previous games together and excited to seeing the next Kingdom Hearts title.

    Rant aside, the cosplayer in the photo certainly did an excellent job in trying to replicate all the little details of Ven's outfit -- especially when the game hasn't been released in the states at the time (I think? xD )