23 October 2008

Bleach: Neliel Tu Oderschvank 02

Sometimes, I don’t understand why people feel the need to Photoshop images when the original is already impressive enough as it is.

Take this for example:

bleach cosplay - neliel tu oderschvank 02Do you remember this image? This is the original picture of the previous Neliel cosplay that I posted.

As you can see, she is quite pretty. So why would people still want to edit it?

Then again, it may have been merely for Photoshop practice. The edited version was actually made by Deviant Artist, Opeth Metal.

I don’t know about you guys, but I think I appreciate this original cosplay more now that I’ve seen the 2 versions. Metal’s photo manipulation was definitely impressive, but I like natural looking cosplays better.


  1. I think the reason they photoshopped it cuz nel's hair is suppposed to be blue green shade and her hair here is just green. Yeah but I can see your point on the original and the shopped one.

  2. It looks like her bust was also photoshopped too... >.>

  3. Yeah, and her stomach too. It's more than a little frustrating. >.>;;;

  4. may i ask....how come the edited one,got teeth~XD

  5. Do you know her name? I wnat to meet her, and talk about this cosplay that I will cosplay as in future!

    Love your blog!

  6. Miranda: Unfortunately no, but hopefully I will find out some day~