31 July 2008

Yu Yu Hakusho: Kurama 04

yu yu hakusho cosplay - kurama 04Minamino Shuichi, more commonly known as Kurama, is the human side of the Thief King, Youko. He is analytical, cunning, and very protective over the people he cares about. He is merciless to anyone who poses as a threat and was thought to become the strongest member of the Urameshi group until Yusuke Mazuko lineage awoke. Kurama is also self-sacrificing and therefor recieves the most serious wounds in battle.

This is one of the older pictures I have in my hard drive. I was surprise to have found it after so long. So which Kurama cosplayers do you prefer among the four: the first, second, third, or this post?

I can’t decide at all… 8)

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