21 April 2009

Lucky Star: Izumi Konata 03

lucky star cosplay - izumi konataAn intelligent and athletic girl who prefers her anime, manga, and gaming hobbies over school work, Izumi Konata takes quite a harsh beating from Hiiragi Kagami whenever Konata asks for help with her studies. Despite their different interests, however, Kagami is good friends with Konata, and she tries to encourage Konata to read more by sharing her light novels interest with her as Konata shares her interest of anime, manga, and games with Kagami.

I find it amusing how cosplayers can get strands of hair to stand up like that to make it more similar to the original character. Her green eyes really stand out in this picture. Excellent job!


  1. Hello, I hope you don't mind.. I used this photo as reference in my blog post here: http://patfishtales.wordpress.com/2009/11/24/raki-stah/

  2. No problem, Patsy! Thanks for letting me know!

    Also, you make a great Konata. I hope you get green lenses to complete your cosplay of her. I'd love to feature you here!

  3. WOW!!!Where did u get that blue dye???PLEEEEASE TELL ME!!!<:D

  4. here I found the best cosplay i've seen ever
    love this photo!