17 February 2013

League of Legends: Fiddlesticks

league of legends cosplay - fiddlesticks by 4 itchy tasty! cosplay
Source: 4 itchy Tasty! Cosplay on Facebook

For nearly twenty years, Fiddlesticks has stood alone in the easternmost summoning chamber of the Institute of War. Only the burning emerald light of his unearthly gaze pierces the musty darkness of his dust-covered home. It is here that the Harbinger of Doom keeps a silent vigil. His is a cautionary tale of power run amok, taught to all summoners within the League.

Excerpt from:
League of Legends Wikia 

Amazing cosplay by 4 itchy Tasty! Cosplay group! It looks like the cosplayer is standing on some very well made stilts, which means s/he has very good balance to boot! Thanks for sending this in, and we hope to see more from you guys!


  1. This picture is taken at AX 2012 in L.A, i was there myself and also got some shots from the same cosplayer !.. and yes indeed the cosplayer was using stilts i dont know if those were made or bought, but it realy was an awesome sight ! (and soo tall!) since i myself am not so big (150cm) my shots werent that good. awesome cosplay !

    1. Probably professionally made stilts... with added cosplay touches~ :D

      I bet the group would love to see your photos of them anyway! Maybe you can send them a message in Facebook.

  2. i dont have a facebook acount :) but i left a msg with my flickr page on the forums from the convention and also on cosplay.com so i'm sure they seen it !