15 February 2013

Chrome Shelled Regios: Layfon Wolfstein Alseif

chrome shelled regios cosplay - layfon wolfstein alseif by aoyu3319
Source: Aoyu3319 on World Cosplay
One of the twelve wielders of the “Heaven Blades”, Layfon Wolfstein Alseif held the title of Wolfstein at the young age of ten. He not only has high levels of kei, but he is also a fast learner, mastering combat techniques that earned him his elite rank. However, his participation in illegal underground matches cost him his title and was immediately exiled from Grendan. He later entered the Academy City of Zuellni as a General Education student in order to start anew.

Great cosplay by Chinese cosplayer, Aoyu3319! I love how she got Layfon’s hair right, with his left side longer than his right. Thanks to Finnie for sending this in!

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