18 January 2013

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha: Yagami Hayate

mahou shoujo lyricial nanoha cosplay - yagami hayate by erika kurosuzu
Source: ~MPzero~
A sweet wheel-chaired orphan, Yagami Hayate is under the care of the Wolkenritter, also known as the Cloud-Knights. Although they keep their battles a secret from her, Hayate knew that the completion of the Book of Darkness will grant her vast power, but she didn’t want it at the expense of the lives of others. However, the Book of Darkness was actually feeding off her own life force, which caused her paralysis, and would have eventually killed her if it wasn’t completed.

Beautiful cosplay by Kurosuzu Erika (黒鈴 エリカ)! And of course, another amazing photography set by ~MPzero~! I finally found his blog, so you can expect a lot more features from this photographer! Thanks again to Stilzkin for sending this in!


  1. I gave you the link of his blog before mei-chan xD but glad you found it :D lots and lots of great pictures there !!

    1. Ugeh... My bad, I forgot to bookmark it! @_@