23 January 2013

Lineage II: Beleth

lineage ii cosplay - beleth by serreniethy fionah
Source: Serreniethy on Facebook

Beleth was once a Light Elf who had graduated as a Spellsinger from the Ivory Tower and later became a member of the faculty. He was originally a pure academic who more interested in studying the theory of magic than actually practicing it.

His area of specialty was the ancient Laboratory of the Giants in Schuttgart Territory. After many years of painstaking research and archeological excavations, Beleth became the world’s foremost expert on the history of Arvitaire, the great city of the Genesis Creatures.

Amazing cosplay by Serreniethy Fionah! Of course, she’s a little girl cosplaying a crazy, mad scientist of a man, but you can’t deny the awesome details in her cosplay! Very much worthy of multiple cosplay contest awards! Thanks again for letting me feature this!

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