03 January 2012

Ore no Imoto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai: Goko Ruri aka Kuroneko 04

ore no imoto ga konna ni kawaii wake ga nai cosplay - goko ruri aka kuroneko 4 from comiket 81In the anime, Ruri began calling Kosaka Kyosuke “Nii-san” because of two reasons: one is her wish to have an older brother and the other is simply to annoy Kosaka Kirino. However, it was also revealed that she was hinting some affection towards Kyosuke, as she later gives him a kiss on the cheek. In the light novels, Kuroneko became Kyosuke’s first lover by the seventh volume, but they broke up in the very next book.

There’s no way Kuroneko is this cute! But she is! Another awesome cosplay from Comiket 81! I really love this maid outfit version of her more than her gothic one. Thanks again to Miki for sending this in!

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