13 January 2012

Manaka de Ikuno!!: Yuzuhara Konomi

unknown cosplay 115 from comiket 81 / manaka de ikuno!! cosplay - yuzuhara konomiI gotta hand it to this cosplayer, her scepter(?) looks really sturdy, unlike the usual paper and card board we see in props! Since it’s probably made of wood or plastic, I bet you she can knock out any creepy otaku that comes her way!

But I digress, what character is she cosplaying anyway? One thing's for sure though: she and/or her character really loves cats! And I really like her cat ears hat! Thanks to Tokiya for sending this in!

EDIT: Thanks to anon for letting me know this is Yuzuhara Konomi from Manaka de Ikuno!!


  1. It's Konomi Yuzuhara (Magic User) from Manaka de Ikuno, a spin-off from To Heart 2.


  2. Thank you anon! I will edit this now. :D