03 June 2011

Samurai Champloo: Mugen, Fuu, and Jin

samurai champloo cosplay - mugen, fuu, and jin

When Fuu was still working as a waitress in a tea shop, she was harassed by a band of samurai and Mugen decides to step in to rid of the menace in exchange for food. He instead instigates a brawl, and Jin enters the tea shop amidst the fight. Mugen and Jin get so caught up in fighting each other that they didn’t notice a fire had broken out, fainting from smoke inhalation.

Unfortunately, they awake to find they are charged with the murder of the magistrate’s son who died in the fire, and are sentenced to be hanged. Fuu helps them escape and asks them to travel with her in search of her father, “the samurai who smells sunflowers”.

That’s quite an interesting plot to go with such a cool cosplay group! Perhaps this is one series I need to get my hands on. Thanks again to Müberra for sending this in!

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