01 June 2011

Basilisk: Hotarubi

basilisk cosplay - hotarubi

Hotarubi embodies the concept of traditional Japanese beauty, with her dark, straight hair and petite, slender form. Although she shares her clan’s hatred for the Kouga, her primary concern is for her fiancé, Yashamaru, another member of the Iga ten. Her devotion to him is so great that the mere suggestion that he’s come to harm is enough for her to react, ranging from an evil glare to feral rage.

Beautiful cosplay! She really is a very pretty Japanese girl. At least, I think she is Japanese? Thanks to Müberra for sending this in!


  1. I love her ♥
    But this isn´t a Cosplay, it´s the actress of the real film of Basilisk called Shinobi.

  2. If Anonymous is right, then... I'm not sure that it can be considered cosplay.
    Still, truly beautiful.

  3. Yeah, this is Erika Sawajiri from the Shinobi movie :P