09 May 2009

Ouran High School Host Club: Ootori Kyouya 04

ouran high school host club cosplay - ootori kyouya 04Being the third son of the Ootori Family, Kyouya spent his whole life yielding his talents and abilities so as not to overshadow his older brothers. However, it is clear that he is far more gifted and intelligent that either of them. Kyouya describes his fate as one who is asked to paint the most beautiful painting an a pre-framed canvas.

It is only later when he meets Tamaki that he realizes he does not want to be restricted by such rules.

Quite the Shadow King as I pictured him to be. You can see the embroidery of the school emblem is quite well made as well. Beautiful cosplay!


  1. kyyaa...^^...he's sooo hot!!

  2. he reminds me of Gackt >.< LOL

  3. wow really cool! ya youre right it reminds me of gackt,too. ^^

  4. *squeals* Ooooh, so very true!! He does look like Gackt-san!