12 November 2007

Ouran High School Host Club: Otori Kyouya, Fujioka Haruhi, and Suo Tamaki

ouran high school host club cosplay - otori kyoya, fujioka haruhi, and suo tamaki Picture this… A girl who accidentally breaks an expensive vase suddenly becomes part of most popular club in school in order to pay for her debt… And she’s made to dress up like a boy because the club is all about hosting.

Sounds like a roller coaster ride doesn’t it?

Well, That’s the life of Fujioka Haruhi for you! Everyday, she’s surrounded by the beautiful female students of Ouran High School as well as the beautiful guys of the Host Club.

Suo Tamaki (the blond guy in the picture), the president of the Host Club and self-proclaimed “father figure” to Haruhi is an out-going narcissist who is actually in love with Haruhi. He’s completely different from vice president Otori Kyouya, who is extremely intelligent and serious, able to manipulate any situation to his advantage.

Aren’t they all so cute? Lovely, lovely cosplays!

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  1. beautiful cosplay! And i love Haruhi's hair here!

  2. Oh, yeah, I agree with you on that. ;_; I want to have her haircut, but it doesn't suit me at all!

  3. Awww Haruhi!!! So cute! In her reverse harem!! Haha! I simply adore this picture!