16 October 2008

Vampire Knight: Yuki Cross and Kuran Kaname

image On winter evening, Yuki finds herself alone in the middle of nowhere. She has no memories of her parents or relatives, but she was attacked by a vampire, Kuran Kaname was there to come to her rescue.

Kaname then brings her to Cross Academy where she is adopted by the headmaster and given the name Yuki Cross.

Since then, she has looked highly upon Kaname. Yuki is very affectionate towards Kaname as she would to an older brother. Maybe something more.

This is a beautiful shot of the main characters of Vampire Knight. I love their expressions, and I think this cosplayer makes a nice rival for Stay. Nice job!

EDIT: I'm glad the cosplayer, Xrys, was able to find my blog and mention this is her picture! Thank you, Xrys, I will be sure to feature more of your cosplays soon!

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