20 January 2009

Vampire Knight: Kiryuu Zero 02

vampire knight cosplay - kiryuu zeroSo I realized… trying to seperate the East and West into 2 different blogs isn’t really all that nice to look at. It’s subjected to a lot of misunderstandings and I had to learn that the hard way.

Rather than abandon this blog, however, I decided to populate it, and start over. Meaning all of my old posts will be deleted, and new ones will have to come about.

I’m not sure how much I can post here, but I will do my best to add cosplays in my blogspot, sanriotown, and cartoon network blog! I hope I can make it, though!

I hope you like this cosplay of Zero from Vampire Knight! Look forward to more cosplay pictures.


  1. er...no offense to anyone (please don't take it offensively!) but is this a guy or a girl doing the cosplay? it's so effectively played that it seems like both, but whoever it is does a great Zero cosplay! :)

  2. I'm going to say it's a girl. Looks pretty feminine from what I can see, and the cosplay community is dominated by females sooo... yeah ^^

  3. lol
    u guys are right!!
    this is actually a girl! and i cant tell ya guys how did i know this thing, but, i bet u guys have soo-- many questions in your minds! XD
    and if you wanna see a boys version, ill show you! XD

  4. Looks definitely like a girl. Too bad!

  5. She's probably a girl. I agree with anon over there, most of the cosplay community are dominated by females, so it's actually more surprising whenever I find a really good male cosplayer. ^_^

  6. I don't know about that... I mean, in manga, especially shoujo manga (girls comics), the male characters are usually bishounen (pretty guys) so girls cosplaying as the guy characters is actually pretty accurate. ^_^