25 October 2008

Onegai My Melody: Yumeno Uta

When I first heard about My Melody having an anime, I was skeptical. I mean… why would Sanrio create an anime series? And how good would it be?

You’d be pretty surprised at Onegai My melody’s Story line. It’s very… non-Sanrio like.

onegai my melody cosplay - yumeno utaHere we have the main character of the series, Yumeno Uta. She is an energetic, cheerful girl who lead a normal life until a little bunny named Kuromi casts a spell on her, making her a victim to Kuromi’s Dark Magic (basically, her violin began playing on its own, off cue, during a performance!).

My Melody was able to save her using her own magic and they began to work together to keep Kuromi from succeeding in resurrecting the Spirit of Dark power. Uta also has the ability to power up the Melody Tact through her singing.

Cute cosplayer. I was able to find this thanks to Hiiragi Keiichi of Sanriotown! I have a few more pictures from the series I’d like to share, but I’ll post them some other time. I wouldn’t want to flood everyone with Onegai My Melody cosplays, even if we are in Sanriotown!

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