15 January 2009

Air Gear: Wanijima Akito 02

air gear cosplay - wanijima akito/ agito The Fang King who was originally amongst the Wind SWAT team, Wanijima Akito was saved from his fate by Kogarasumaru’s Leader, Minami “Ikki” Itsuki.

Even though Akito stated that he was the original Fang King; another personality, Wanijima Lind emerges from the battle against Orca. Lind is stronger than the two and does not care for anyone… not even for Akito and Agito.

I didn’t know there was a blue version of his costume. The original design was color orange, if I’m not mistaken. Thanks to Exhibition MindBlue for sharing the photo!


  1. how do i buy this version of his outfit?

  2. No idea... some cosplayer sew their costumes by themselves. :3

  3. Do you have an idea what the material is, nya~.?
    It looks awesome :D