05 January 2009

Final Fantasy VIII: Rinoa Heartilly 03

final fantasy 8 cosplay - rinoa heartily 03 by jin jonsonSo the new year begins, and this is my first cosplay feature for the year. Of course, like many of you out there, I want to start the new year right.

Do you recognize the cosplayer?

This is Jin Joson, the same cosplayer who cosplayed as Lahoo and Ishida Uryuu. This is, in fact, not "Nejin, Jin's twin sister" but Jin herself.

That's because Nejin and Jin are one and the same. As far as I know, the rumor about Nejin and Jin being twins started with her friends, and it spread like wildfire.

To me, I'm just glad that I got the confirmation that I needed to know that Jin is a girl. I don't think the debate with regards to her gender will die any time soon, but what I saw and heard is good enough for me.

Awesome cosplays, Jin, keep it up! Oh, and I may reduce the unknown cosplays to... every other Monday now since I don't have a lot of them anymore. ;) Thanks guys!


  1. jin and tuxedo team do such awesome cosplays :D

  2. They do! And I think it's because they love what they do. :)

  3. Beautiful!!! I like this!!! <3