19 January 2009

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: Sawada Tsunayoshi and Hibari Kyoya

unknown cosplay 025 katekyo hitman reborn! cosplay - tsunayoshi tsuna sawada and kyoya hibari

Technically, he’s a poor student for falling asleep in class. But then again, this picture is so cute, I certainly don’t mind it.

But I have no idea what anime or game this is from. Perhaps you guys have a better idea? The coat has a significant armband on it, so that might be a clue…

EDIT: Thanks to Allenisya for commenting this is Sawada Tsunayoshi with Hibari Kyoya draping his coat over him! Aww...


  1. hm? well i'm not sure either but i think it's :
    Tsunayoshi Sawada sleeping on the table while Kyoya Hibari is putting his coat on
    Tsuna : ) both from Katekyo Hitman Reborn *someone do correct me if i'm wrong* >w<

  2. It's funny how both my cosplay unknowns end up coming from the same series... 2 consecutive weeks in a row! ;.; *embarrassed*

  3. *pats* well it is quite confusing n cudn't've guessed it without the armband =X i love this pic so much! XD so sweet~ X3

    na, correction for typo,my name---> Allenisya, not allensiya lol! :3 *pika pika*

  4. Ahahaha! Typo. @_@;;; *fixes it*

    I know, it looks so sweet! That's why I had to feature it even if I didn't know which anime it was from! x3