21 November 2007

Ragnarok Online: Sohee (and a side rant)

I’ve been seeing a couple of blogs taking my articles… without giving me credit..! It’s made me a little upset… even though the pictures are not all mine (the picture of Zagato was taken by me), all the writings in this blog were done by me, and I give credit to the people who cosplay as well as the photographers…

I wish people who post my articles on their site would give me credit too. Otherwise, plagiarism is still stealing…

ragnarok online cosplay - soheeAnyway… Enough ranting! I went to Flickr to search for some cosplay photos and found something recent… Comiket 72 was held in Tokyo Big Sight last 17th to 19th of August this year. A particular album by a-mole caught my eye with its fabulous gallery of cosplays! This one I love, because Ragnarok Online is a pioneer MMORPG game!

Sohee is actually a monster in Ragnarok which, if you’re lucky, you can capture as a pet! I haven’t played Ragnarok Online before, so I’m not entirely sure about what a Sohee is and what it can do… I do know, however, that this cosplay is really done well!

Here is a short description of what a Sohee is from Wickedly Cute:

A sohee is a monster that can be found on level four and five of the Payon Caves. According to Ragnarok the Animation the Sohee (along with Bonguns and Munaks) were once people of old Payon City and the reason for their aggression is that the Moonlight Flower disturbs their souls and will not let them rest. With a Silver Knife of Chastity you can tame and hatch a Sohee egg for your own cute-pet demon virgin.

Thanks for sharing us your gallery, a-mole! I’ll post other pictures I like from him soon. Make sure you check out his gallery when you have the time!

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