19 November 2007

Final Fantasy VIII: Rinoa Heartilly

final fantasy 8 cosplay - rinoa heartillyWhat can I say about this picture? Not much of the costume is shown but Shibata Ina makes such a good Rinoa she doesn’t even need a costume!

Outspoken and stubborn, Rinoa Heartilly is the main female character in Final Fantasy VIII. She is a popular icon for the Final Fantasy universe being the “cute girl-next-door” type instead of the usual “gorgeous” females of Final Fantasy. Because of this, and the simplicity of her costume, she is often cosplayed in Anime Conventions all over the world.

Honestly? I love Shibata Ina’s version… Being Rinoa suits Shiba so well! I hope she’ll do a whole lot more cosplays in the future.

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