26 July 2007

Inuyasha: Inuyasha

inuyashaA rather, redundant title for this one… But the title of this anime is in fact the character’s name after all.

Inuyasha, whose name literally means “dog spirit” is a half demon, half human being, rejected by both races. He embraces his demon side more than his human side, but hates being referred as a “dog” or “puppy”. He has a half brother, Sesshoumaru, in whom he shares the same father.

Great choice of scenery, pose, and costume. You can hardly see how his fake dog ears are attached to his head. Wonderful job on this one! Though I’m not sure if this Inuyasha is a male or female cosplayer…


  1. waaa....lucuunyaaa!!! so cute!!! ;P

  2. very nice!! seems like a good looking cosplayer too ^^

  3. Doesn't Inuyasha mean 'female dog demon'?