25 July 2007

Ah! Megami-Sama!: Belldandy

ah! megami-sama! / oh my goddess! cosplay - belldandy“Because you are pure of heart, I will grant you one wish.”

“You will grant me anything?”


“Then I want to be with a girl like you forever!”

And so begins Morisato Keiichi’s hillarious adventure, living with a goddess named Belldandy, and her sisters Urd and Skuld!

I love this cosplay of Belldandy. She’s one of my most favorite characters in the anime world! Therefore, I’m extremely picky about how a Belldandy cosplay should/could look!

The hair, the attitude, the dress… everything is near perfect! It really does make you think she is a goddess who came down to earth! I bet a lot of male otakus wished they cosplayed Morisato Keiichi during this event..!

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