05 July 2007

Final Fantasy X-2: Rikku

final fantasy x-2 cosplay - rikkuMay I make a note please? That I am in no way biased?

I like featuring Asian Cosplayers because they do cosplay the right way. Cosplay is indeed about fun, but you must also consider how you look when you cosplay. There are a lot of photographers in anime cons, and if you aren’t careful in choosing your cosplay, you’ll end up looking silly and getting laughed at all over the Internet..!

Now who in the world would want that?

Take this photo of Rikku for example… In careful consideration? Her clothes really do look silly on any normal day, but this cosplayer’s got Rikku’s attitude down to a pat. This is why she looks good, and not nerdy.


Photo was originally found on Anime Illusions. And giving a nice thank you shout out to Ying Dong for featuring me in her blog. *3*

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