31 July 2007

Final Fantasy X: Yuna 02

final fantasy x cosplay - yunaOh boy, how many days have gone by without me updating this site? Apologies on that. A recent thunder storm fried all the connections… Let’s see how many entries I can come up with today to make up for lost time…

Now, the thing about the Final Fantasy series, is that they have beautiful guys and girls. And everyone would want to be powerful individuals with perfect skin and hair to match, right?

Note this Yuna cosplayer. She’s got smooth skin and a lovely hair color. The costume is perfect, though I’m wondering about the choice of backdrop. It looks like a warehouse that’s going under construction, or probably really old…

Now, I’ve never played Final Fantasy X before, so I have no idea if there was a scene similar to this in-game. So please do correct me if I’m wrong… I just always had the impression Final Fantasy X has beautiful, natural backdrops all the time.

By the way, why do they call it “Final” Fantasy when the game always comes out with sequels..? Hm…

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1 comment:

  1. If I may, the reason they call it "Final" Fantasy is because when the original game was made, the company that developed it, Squaresoft(now Square Enix) was going bankrupt, and this was intended to be the final game that they would release. Ironically, it would also be the game that would save the company. Sorry, had to share.