06 January 2016

Samurai Shodown 3: Hisame Shizumaru

samurai shodown 3 cosplay - hisame shizumaru 2Hisame Shizumaru is a young, amnesiac boy who doesn’t remember his real name and thus chose to take on the name of his sword. He was labeled a “demon child” ever since he was born, so he chooses to live and survive on his own. He travels to find a “demon” in order to figure out for himself what it means to be one.

Initially believed to be modeled after Himura Kenshin of Rurouni Kenshin, the creators have stated that Shizumaru’s visual model was actually Kurama of Yu Yu Hakusho.

Belated Happy New Year everyone! Life is still throwing a couple of curve balls on my way, but I wanted to start the year right with one of my favorite characters! I actually thought he was Kenshin too when I first played Samurai Shodown, but then again, wasn’t Kenshin also modeled after Kurama? At least, that’s what I heard?

I hope everyone is having a wonderful new year! Let’s have even more fun together, shall we?

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