29 January 2016

Vampire Knight: Kuran Kaname and Kurosu Yuuki 04

vampire knight cosplay - kuran kaname by stayxxxx and kurosu yuuki by mon

While I was walking in the abyss of loneliness, I was saved
By realistic eyes that never change
But a shadow born as the light is bright
Deeply and pronouncedly creeps up to me
ふたつの鼓動 まるで合わせ鏡のように

The two heartbeats are exactly like two mirrors facing each other
The (pains) are similar (but) different and continue infinitely

“Futatsu no Kodou to Akai Tsumi”
Lyrics and Translation by Anime Lyrics

I’m still a fan of this pairing even though we pretty much figured out that Kaname is practically Yuuki’s grandfather! I just feel like Kaname has been tortured enough as it is, why can’t he find the happiness he so desperately desires?

Oh well, I’m also very envious of Mon that she is able to cosplay with stayxxxx a lot! You guys remember their cosplay from Their Story? They looked amazing there too!

As usual, please support the cosplayers by visiting their Facebook pages, Mon夢 and stayxxxx! Thanks to Linda for sending this in!

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