18 December 2015

Trinity Blood: Augusta Vradica / Seth Nightroad 04

trinity blood cosplay - augusta vradica / seth nightroad by mitsuyaIn the manga, Seth Nightroad was first introduced as a tea seller in Andolu, a small area where Terrans reside in the New Human Empire. She convinces Ion to buy tea from her and later helps them locate Mimir’s medicine shop. She later introduces herself to Ion and Esther, and Ion comments how her name sounds like a boy’s name, wondering is her parents were hoping for a boy. Seth shrugs, saying she already has two older brothers, secretly pertaining to Cain and Abel.

At the end of the Night Lords Arc, Ion is horrified at the revelation that the tea seller he addressed as “girl” was actually the Empress, Augusta Vradica.

Japanese cosplayer Mitsuya (蜜也) looks absolutely stunning as Seth! I bet that costume took a lot of work to finish! Please be sure to support the cosplayer in her Archive account! Thanks to Zoe for sending this in!

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