20 December 2015

RahXephon: The RahXephon

rahxephon cosplay - the rahxephonThe RahXephon is a bipedal, humanoid mecha born from an egg in the underground ruins of Tokyo. It is several stories tall, immensely strong, and is capable of unassisted flight. This mecha is connected physically, mentally, and emotionally to its instrumentalist, Kamina Ayato.

It is later revealed that the RahXephon was created by Ernst von Bähbem as a tool for re-tuning the world. Ayato succeeded in becoming one with the RahXephon and re-tuned the world so that the great dimensional split never happened and Tokyo Jupiter never existed.

Mecha cosplays are always really impressive to me, because most of the time, the cosplayers make these armors themselves! Talk about dedication to their craft! And I’m pretty sure those suits can’t be all that comfortable and easy to move in. Thanks to Tempura-sama for sharing this!

Source: Crunchyroll

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