21 December 2015

Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge: Hsien-Ko (Lei-Lei)

night warriors: darkstalkers' revenge cosplay - hsien-ko (lei-lei)Hsien-Ko, also known as Lei-Lei in the Japanese version, first appeared in “Night Warriors: Darkstalkers’ Revenge”. Her character is based on the Chinese hopping vampire, the Jiang Shi, who are actually more like zombies than vampires as the Western world knows them.

Hsien-Ko has an older twin sister named Mei-Ling, who is called Lin-Lin in the Japan. The two appear to be fraternal twins as they do not share the same appearance. However, Hsien-Ko had always appeared to be a Jiang Shi while her sister was among the living.

Well that certainly explains why her skin is blue in the game! She supposedly the undead! But I think she’s cute enough (and busty enough) that the guys won’t complain about the lack of blue make up, yes? Thanks to Vagabond for sharing this!

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