11 December 2015

Sailor Moon S - Princess Cast

sailor moon s cosplay princess senshi cast by n.e project三日月のシャーレに
I take off my star earrings
and place them in the crescent moon dish
どうしよう 胸が 胸がいっぱい
What should I do? My heart is, my heart is filled to the top
Even if these fireworks turn into stars
Even if our love disappears into darkness
おねがいよ キスを やめないで
I beg you, please don’t stop your kisses

ビロードの香りで ぬすんでもいい
You can steal me away with your scent of velvet.
このハート銀河で であった恋よ
This is the love my heart found in the galaxy.

夜ふけのマント 広げれば虹色
When the mantle of evening spreads out, it's in rainbow colors
もっと もっと あいしてる
I love you more and more

Tuxedo mirage
Tuxedo mirage

“Tuxedo Mirage”
Lyrics and Translation by Anime Lyrics

Hi, guys! This is Mei! I apologize for the long hiatus, but I’m finally getting my life back in order, so I’ll be slowly adding updates onto Cosplay Holic again! It will take quite a while to bring the updates back to normal again, but I have to start somewhere, right?

I’ll be doing away with the tags for future posts so that you guys can get the updates faster! Besides, it has lost its effectiveness now, so it’s time to stop being redundant, no?

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