05 September 2015

Harukanaru Toki no Naka de – Maihitoyo: Motomiya Akane and Ono Suefumi and Suefumi’s Ghost

harukanaru toki no naka de - maihitoyo cosplay - motomiya akane and ono suefumi

Akane first met Suefumi on a rainy day, as Suefumi tacitly offered her his coat to keep herself from getting wet. When they met a second time, Suefumi confesses that he has no recollection of his past or his name, but somehow feels content by being with her. As Akane sets out to find out who Suefumi is, she unravels a famous cursed dance rumored to kill anyone who attempts to perform it.

I loved this story of Suefumi in Volume 14 of the manga! Although awkward, Suefumi was proud and fearless! It’s too bad he wasn’t part of Hachiyou Shou.

Anyway! Please support Akane’s cosplayer, Aizumi Sera (愛純世羅) through her Cosplayers’ Archive! I don’t know her friends’ websites, but Suefumi is cosplayed by Tachibana Hito (橘人)and his ghost version is cosplayed by Soku-san (蒼空さん)! Thanks again to Justine for sending this in!

Source: 愛純世羅 (あいずみせら) on Cosplayers’ Archive

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