02 September 2015

Death Note TV Series

death note tv series cosplay - ryuk, yagami light by kubota masataka, l lawliet by yamazaki kento, and near by yuki mio

Popular manga series Death Note received a TV drama series that premiered last July 5, 2015. It was directed by Inomata Ryuichi, known for his work on Kaseifu no Mita, and Nishimura Ryo, who worked on the special version of the 2014 drama Kamen Teacher. The adaptation featured several talented actors, including:

  • Kubota Masataka as Yagami Light
  • Yamazaki Kento as L. Lawliet
  • Yuki Mio as Near / Mello
  • Sano Hinako as Amane Misa
  • Matsushige Yutaka as Yagami Soichiro
  • Fujiwara Reiko as Yagami Sayu
  • Maeda Goki as Matsutuda Tota
  • Yuge Tomohisa as Aizawa Shuichi
  • Sato Jiro as Mogi Kanzo
  • Seki Megumi as Himura Shoko / Halle Lidner
  • Hankai Kazuaki as Watari

I’ve heard mixed reviews with this series, so I’m not sure if I want to watch it or not. Kubota Masatake does make an impressive Light, but I think Yamazaki Kento might be a little too beautiful as L? Also (spoiler alert!), Apparently Near has a split personality, so Yuki Mio plays both Near and Mello! That part I actually wish to see for myself!

What are your thoughts on this adaptation of the series?

Source: Rocket News 24

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