01 December 2014

Ao Haru Ride: Mabuchi Kou and Yoshioka Futaba 02

ao haru ride cosplay - mabuchi kou and yoshioka futaba by lim garcia and azeIn high school, Futaba began to realize that she still had feelings for Mabuchi, but worries that Mabuchi does not feel the same way. After all, Mabuchi told her that his feelings for her had changed since junior high school. Futaba eventually decides to confess to Mabuchi anyway, and when she was rejected, she was finally able to move on.

The information I’m getting from Wikipedia is confusing. All this talk about breakups between these two characters, and yet the cosplayers portray them to be a cute and sweet couple! I think it’s about time I watch this series for myself!

Anyway, this photo features Filipino cosplayers, Lim Garcia and Aze, who happen to be a couple IRL! That just makes this cosplay even sweeter, wouldn’t you agree? Please remember to give them your support by visiting their Facebook pages!

Source: Totodale Photography on Facebook

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