18 July 2013

Uta no Prince-sama: Mikaze Ai

Source: なちょ

The senior mentoring Kurusu Syo and Shinomiya Natsuki, Mikaze Ai is rumored to actually be a robot, thus the name “Ai” or A.I. meaning Artificial Intelligence. He is a very hardworking idol who usually acts as the mediator between Camus and Kurosaki Ranmaru. He is also very strict in his teachings, and goes by the motto: “If they have potential, raise them. If they don’t, drop them.”

Wow, Japanese cosplayer Nacho (なちょ) makes a very impressive Ai! And the hair color is just right too! I wonder if the information I got about the character is accurate though? Guess I should finish watching Maji Love 2000% soon. Thanks to Kei for sending this in!

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