25 August 2013

Carbon Costume – made from Everyday Gear

dragon's crown sorceressIf you’ve always wanted to try cosplaying but are not completely sure how much it would cost you, we may have found an alternative from your usual, online cosplay shop.

Carbon Costume gives suggestions on how you can achieve the look of your character by purchasing “normal”, everyday clothes. Of course, some of the accessories are specially made, but who carries around a sorcerer’s staff to work anyway?

Overall, the site is amusing and rather brilliant. All the items needed are linked within the article too! As for the cosplay fans, this will also give you a rough idea how much cosplayers actually spend to perfect their craft. It’s not a cheap hobby when you’re really taking it seriously! I mean, just look at all the stuff you need to buy for one character!

dragon's crown cosplay sorceress

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