22 May 2013

Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy: The Emperor

dissidia 012 final fantasy cosplay emperor by stein
Source: Paolo Marku-ji on Facebook

Representing Final Fantasy II, The Emperor is one of the most powerful villains fighting on the side of Chaos, outranked only by Garland. He is in agreements with Ultimecia to take control of a war-torn world, unlike most villains who only seek to destroy it.

Although Firion stands in opposition to the Emperor, his main rival is actually Yuna, whom he blames and resents for stealing Tidus from Chaos’s side. Incidentally, he manages to recruit Tidus’ father, Jecht, in his place.

Another amazing cosplay by Stein! The details on this cosplay are absolutely incredible! Please show your support by liking and sharing the photo on Facebook, and by visiting the photographer’s Deviant Art. Of course, please also pay a visit to Stein’s Deviant Art too. Thanks for letting me feature this!

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