23 May 2013

Team Fortress 2: The Engineer

team fortress 2 cosplay engineer
Source: Crunchyroll
The last but not least of the defensive classes, the Engineer is portrayed as a relaxed and intellectual “good ol’ boy” from Texas. He is capable of building a number of structures to support his team, including:

  • tripod sentry guns for defending key points
  • health and ammunition dispensers
  • one-way teleporter systems (which can be upgraded into a two-way teleporter system in “Mann vs. Machine”)

The Engineer is armed with a shotgun for his primary weapon, a pistol for his secondary weapon, and his signature wrench for his melee weapon, which can also be used for repairs and upgrades. His wrench is also capable of speeding up the building process of his structures.

This is just the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long while. Those shades look absolutely darling on him and he looks like he’s ready to start building! Thanks to Eden for sending this in!

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