15 June 2010

Air Gear: Wanijima Agito 02

air gear cosplay - wanijima akito agito 03

Physically weak due to his short and thin stature, Akito/Agito is a powerful AT user because of his motivation, willpower, and pride. Akito, the innocent and non-violent personality, has been acting as Agito’s tuner until recently. Because Akito could not fully hear his own biorhythm, he could only keep his other half’s AT and Regalia barely operational. It was not until Nakayama Yayoi tuned him that Fang Regalia became complete.

Impressive cosplay, and with real rollerblades too! It looks like the cosplayer is wearing an anime convention’s ID, but I wonder which? Thanks to Omi for sending this in!


  1. This is http://akusesu.deviantart.com/ .
    She doesn't have that pic in her gallery, but there's some references.

  2. Thanks anon! I've left Akusesu a message to see if she can confirm this photo. :)

  3. looks like an AX badge 07-08