11 August 2009

Touhou Project: Onozuka Komachi

touhou project cosplay - onozuka komachiA shinigami who doesn't seem to take her job seriously, Komachi is often scolded by her boss, Sikeiki Yamaxanadu for her poor performance. She is the counterpart of Greek Mythology's Charon, Hades' ferryman, as she guides the souls of the newly deceased across the Sanzu River. Her attacks come in the form of holed coins, as these seem to be the payment the souls need to move on from the world of the living to the world of the dead.

She's a little too adorable to be working as a ferryman- or ferrywoman, if she prefers that title. Maybe that's why she doesn't take her job very seriously? Cute cosplay though!


  1. Wow, A touhou cosplay. It's so gourgeous, I loved the wig.

    It's funny to know that touhou is something fanmade, and it's so popular..

  2. Well, Dead Fantasy is fanmade too, and a lot of people are waiting for the next "episodes" to come out... :3 But yeah, it's always so surprising when something fanmade reaches popular heights.

    Though the Touhou Project I'm not aware of at the moment. xD I think I'll research more about this.