17 December 2008

Lucky Star: Hiiragi Kagami

lucky star cosplay - hiiragi kagamiThe older twin sister of Tsuakasa, Kagami (who is sometimes referred as "Kagamin") is a friend of Konata’s and Miyuki’s who loves to read light novels and play shoot ‘em up games. She is in a different classroom than the other main characters of Lucky Star; much to her distress since she even chose the same course in her second year in hopes of being with them.

Kagami studies very hard and is somewhat egotistical. Konata often pesters Kagamin to allow her to copy her homework or tutor her when the exams and/or the due date for summer homework is just around the corner.

Cute cosplay. I found this when I was browsing through Photobucket. I wonder who the cosplayer is?


  1. its awfully hard to cosplay and actually look like a character of lucky star.
    Honestly, i think her cosplay is not good.

    Kagami's a tsundere so that pose doesnt fit her very much. I would rate that cosplat as average, it doesnt really matter if it is an asiatic cosplay or not.

  2. To each her own I guess. ^_^ It's pretty hard to find cute Lucky star cosplays, but I'll see if I can find another one.