17 November 2008

Shoujo Kakumei Utena: Tenjou Utena

unknown cosplay 018 - shoujo kakumei utena / revolutionary girl utena - tenjou utena You know, technically speaking, I know that I know from what series she’s from. I’ve seen hundreds of cosplayers dress up as her and her partner in the series.

Yet, there are simply days when the name escapes me. And how can I search for information about something I can’t remember?

Why, I put it in the Unknown Category, of course, and let my readers help me out.

So, help please?

Thanks to Syaoyue for letting me know this is Utena from Shoujo Kakumei Utena!


  1. LALAA !~

    This cosplayer is once again Saya :)

  2. I seem to have featured Saya all over the place without knowing it! Haha...

  3. is this true saya??? I never saw her with this cosplay before...

  4. Her face looks like Saya's... So I guess it is. :)