19 November 2008

Dead or Alive: Ayane

dead or alive cosplay - ayane by shizuka / rainer tachibanaA child born from rape, Ayane was labelled a “poison child” in her ninja clan. She was made to believe that she was an orphan, abandoned by her own mother because of the circumstances of her birth.

One village festival, Ayame, the wife of the leader of her clan, revealed to her that she was Ayane’s mother. This made her envious of the clan princess, Kasumi for being treated like a princess while she, her half sister, was being treated like dirt.

A sad fate for such a young girl. This is a cosplay by Shizuka aka Rainer Tachibana of Deviant Art! She commented in my blog one day which lead me to find her beautiful gallery of cosplays. Thanks for that! Thank you also to Ahbu for the great photography!



    I was waiting for a picture of her xD 'Cause she's just so awesome to miss <333

  2. She is quite the cosplayer! I love her work and her attention to detail. ^^