01 November 2008

Air: Kamio Misuzu and Kunisaki Yukito

air cosplay - kamio misuzu and kunisaki yukito When Yukito was down on his luck with his stringless puppeteering, a strange girl named Misuzu invited him to stay over at their place. He then finds out that Misuzu suffers from a mysterious illness that makes her cry uncontrollably when she thinks she’s about to make a friend.

The reason behind this illness was because Misuzu is actually the reincarnation of Kannabi no Mikoto, the last winged being Yukito’s family had been searching for a thousand years. As is her fate, Misuzu was destined to die young, for containing a cursed soul.

This is such a sad anime, but it is one of my favorites. After all, my first cosplay feature was Tono Miyagi from the same series. Nice job on this! I love the little puppet Yukito is holding too!

1 comment:

  1. So beautiful, but so sad. After finally watching the end of the series I didn't know whether to cry, scream or punch the t.v. in agitation ^^;

    I wouldn't have noticed the puppet if you hadn't mentioned it. I want one ^o^