31 January 2008

Fruits Basket: Souma Yuki (and a Tag)

fruits basket cosplay - yuki soumaSince Mr. Rock Out tagged me, and the last time I ever got to post a personal article was a Side Rant on the Ragnarok Cosplay of Sohee, I decided to first feature a cosplay of a character I most relate to: Souma Yuki.

Just like Hatori and Momiji, Yuki is a member of the 13 cursed Souma family members. His sign is the Rat’s, and he is very popular in his school, giving him the title of “Prince”.

And I really like this cosplay… Too bad this Yuki is a girl.

And so, as promised, here is Mr. Rock Out’s Tag…

7 Random Things About Nanao-Chan:

  1. I tend to take the blame for everything. I think it’s something inborn, so, if something goes wrong, even with the universe sake, I can’t help but think I’m somewhat responsible for it.

  2. I hardly ever go out. Why? My parents are so strict they almost didn’t let me work, haha! (actually, it’s not laughing matter, because it’s true) I am working right now, but the catch with this agreement is that I can’t go to company outings and stuff. Funny, because my parents let me go to business trips outside the country.

  3. I have an “I don’t care” attitude, but I cry a lot. When I’m angry, depressed, or whatever extreme emotion you can think of, I get teary. So even the 1st Pokemon Movie got me crying when Pikachu was trying to revive a petrified Ash Ketchum.

  4. I think being given a fanart is the greatest most awesome-est gift anyone has ever given me. o(^o^)o

  5. I am extremely over-protective… Also an inborn trait. So if something happens to my colleagues, I would usually either a. take tge blame for it; or b. start a war to show how much we were wronged.

  6. I believe the world revolves around money. It may not be able to buy you happiness, but it buys you everything else. People tend to look highly of the rich, and they are “untouchable”.

  7. Someone once asked me: “Did you ever think about who would visit you in a hospital in case *knock on wood* you got into an accident?” My answer was simply: No one. I’m not being emo about it, it’s just that practicality speaking, I don’t really see why people would visit me in the hospital when my parents are sure to keep shut about it…

So there you have it. Random stuff about Nanao-Chan. Please don’t take them too seriously. It may sound emo (I re-read this a few times before posting), but I’m quite happy and content. As long as there’s a cute cosplay to feature, I’ll be happy. o(^o^)o

I guess that would be the 8th thing about Nanao-Chan: The simplest things in life make me the happiest person on earth. ^_^

I tag the following:

Tabby, §oL, and Ying Dong

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