16 February 2014

Uta no Prince-sama: Camus 02

uta no prince-sama cosplay - camus by stayHailing from the Kingdom of Permafrost, Camus appears to have two different personalities depending if he’s on or off screen. To his fans, he is charismatic, graceful, and courteous. However, his true self appears to cold and callous and is loyal only to the Silk Queen.

Stay is probably one of the cosplayers I idolize and really hope to meet one day! I think she’s a really nice person from her blog entries before, but I don’t think she blogs anymore, which is sad. But I hope you will give her your support through her Facebook Page now! Thanks to Lara for sending this in!

Source: stayxxxx on Facebook


  1. I remember showing one of my friends a picture of Stay cosplaying as Sebastian to which she said: 'I would go gay for her.'

    She said with such a straight face and such conviction that I could not help but laugh XD

    1. I wouldn't go gay for anyone, BUT I ADMIT... I got a girl-crush on Stay. xD