04 July 2013

Touhou Project: Alice Margatroid

touhou project cosplay - alice margatroid
Source: 璃波さん
不思議の不思議 命の無い
Wonder of wonders – having no life
記号と希望 重なり合わせて
Model numbers and hope – overlapping
色と形 与えられたのは
Color and shape – that has been given
青と紅 歪んだ心
Blue and crimson – a warped heart

無限の無限 私はどこ
Forever and ever – where am I?
刹那の刹那 瞼を閉じても
For a moment of a moment – even if I close my eyelids
行方不明 信じた言葉は
Missing – those words I believed in
空の後ろへ 捨てられ消えた
Behind the clouds – they were tossed away and disappeared

“Artificial Children”
Lyrics and Translation by

Another cute cosplay by Rinami! She really looks like a porcelain doll, wouldn’t you agree? Thanks to manga2x for sending this in!

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