20 March 2012

High School of the Dead: Busujima Saeko

high school of the dead cosplay - busujima saeko by kanda midoriA third-year student and president of the Fujimi High School Kendo Club, Busujima Saeko is a calm and collected girl with a sense of pride in her skills. Her weapon of choice is the bokken or wooden sword, and is an expert in close combat fighting. He love for kendo is probably influenced by her father, who had traveled abroad for a martial arts tournament.

Another awesome piece by Kanda Midori! I don’t know how the cosplayers manage to keep their wigs looking so neat and perfect during conventions. Thanks again to Anthony for sending this!


  1. Pre-prep and lots and lots of finger-combing, I guess? There are ways though. It just takes a lot of work XD

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  3. I'll have to remember that if and when I do my own cosplay. ;o;