19 July 2011

Nabari no Ou: Yoite 02

WARNING: This article contains spoilers, please read at your own risk!

nabari no ou cosplay - yoite 2 by rosiael

Named “Sora”, Yoite lived a hard life which was the reason why he so desperately wanted to be erased from the world. Although referred to as male in the series, Yoite was born intersexed and lived his life unsure of who he really was. His mother died giving birth to him, and his parents considered him to be a death god because of it. He was confined the the basement most of his life, and his half-brother Tsukasa Kodo was forbidden to approach him. At the age of 14, his family decided to kill, slitting his throat and unsuccessfully attempting to force Tsukasa to do the same. He miraculously survived, and ran away from the house with the goal to be erased from existence in his heart.

His story makes me sad. To be forgotten once you die seems like a harsh ending, even for someone like Yoite. Beautiful cosplay by Rosiael and photography by Panda Rosi! Thanks to Zeeba for suggesting this!

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  1. His deaht was really beutyfull beacuase he die wiht none conshons in his mind still i love your picture